Your Dream 1

Видео арт

Your Dream 1 “Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today.”

Through all my life I experience many things, and some of storing in my memory, some of documented and archived in digitally.

An Artist can’t not be bound with situation and circumstance, I believe this and I was inspiring to do this video as an art form. Heir I used digital tools to manipulate the visual and the sound. Now a days all we are familiar with rectangle shape objects such common things like as Mobile. I created this rectangle form in this video with joint horizon lines side by side each measuring 90 ̊, it’s like a frame with in a frame and finally this video appear.

For me this video, a common subject with subjective visual paradox! Being an artist I believe that art work speaks for itself, it has its own language, one can feel the visual aspiration then describing it in words.