Оливье Хуэт

les Fujak, Olivier Huet and Margrit Neuendorf, are two visual artists working together and also on their own production.

Since 2006, they create land art, outdoor or indoor installations, in France and also in Europe [Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Spain], South Korea, Iran, United States ... mainly in the context of art residencies.

Olivier Huet is a French visual artist, since 1987. Architectural studies in Paris, France.

10 years work in architectural and city planning fields. Several installations, performances... in urban context and land art.

les Fujak (Olivier Huet and Margrit Neuendorf)

Nature art residencies, since 2010 (a selection)


Échec et mat ? Le CREPS fait son land art, Boulouris [83], France, September-October 2019

Nature Art Fieldworks, Global Nomadic Art Project, Germany, August-September 2019

Source,  exhibition/residency, Tehran [Jaleh Gallery] / Nazar Abad [Rah Art], Iran, Oct. 2018

Sonne automne ! Couleur[s] d’automne, Machilly, Haute-Savoie, France, Sept. 2018

Rural Stages, Global Nomadic Art Project, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, July 2017

Chromatic mill, Jardin des Arts, Ar Milin’, Châteaubourg [35], France, April 2017

Thirsty land,  Global Nomadic Art Project, Iran, December 2016

The PHILEAS project, International Festival "les Jardins métissés", Wesserling, France, 2016

The enchanted bridge, Sentier Art Nature du Gorneton, France, May 2015

The friend of the saltworkers, Mois de l’environnement, Ré island, France, April 2015

Más allá de la roca cavada ...,  Tufi’ Arte, Tufia, Gran Canaria, Spain, October 2014

14 • 18,  Art/Terre, Ploegsteert, Belgium, September 2014

Grafts in the biotope, 7. Forest Art International, Darmstadt, Germany, August 2014

In & Out,  Environmental Art Biennale, I-Park, Connecticut, USA, September 2013

[Dé]réglé, Jardin des Arts, Ar Milin’, Châteaubourg [35], France, April 2013

Blue Planet Blues, Geumgang Nature Art Biennale, South Korea, September 2012

Mines de couleur, Mines d’Art en sentier, Pays de Condé [62], France, June 2012

L’aquavore, Entre-Lacs, Villeneuve d’Ascq [59], France, May 2012

Grandeur nature, Couleur[s] d’automne, lac de Machilly [74], France, September 2011

Amour, délice et orgue, Vagabond’art, Nantua [01], France, June 2011

Walk and sit, YATOO International Artist Residence, South Korea, Sept.-Oct. 2010