Ренчин-Очирын Чинзориг

Lives and works in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

 Work experience :

2014 sinse -Restoration  / Fine arts G.Zanabazar museum

 6 solo exhibitions

 “Encouragement” (mong.Uram) in 2001

“Happiness” (mong.Bayasal) in 2007

 “Freeing” (mong.Chuluulult) in 2008.

“Pr ayer” (mong.Zalbiral)in 2015

“Gradual   Progress” (mong.Alguurhan devshil)in 2017

“The Expanding” (mong.Uujimsan urgujih)in 2019

Group exhibitions

“Friends” (2009), “No Man’s Land” (2009) at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery,

“Mongol Zurag Society” annual exhibitions (2005-2019),

Contemporary Art Society exhibition (2010), Art Camp exhibition (2011, 2012), “Sand Tsunami” (2012), -“The Best Artwork of the Year” (2013,2014,2016,2017,2019),

“DIAEA’’ international exhibition, Korea (2014,2015,2016)

Chinzorig’s works were selected to be exhibited at two contemporary art group exhibitions “Non-Migrating Nomads” at the Red Ger Art Gallery of Arts Council of Mongolia and “Contemporary Art of Mongolia 2014” at the Union of Mongolian Artists Art Gallery

Chinzorig was part of 4 artist residencies, “Open Academy” international project (May, 2011)”Zero 1  American art  incubator” project  ”My street is my home”(july 2015) ,Art Council of Mongolia’s “Time and Space” (August 2013). and’’Who are we now?”  Land Art Mongolia Hentii Murun(May 2017)

Land Art Mongolia 360 bennali  Syhbaatar,Dariganga (August 2016).


His works were awarded as the best work in the category of Mongol Zurag at the Mongolian-Korean annual exhibition “GRAND ART” 2 and 4 in 2010 and 2013.

E-mail: chinzo.art7@gmail.com               phone:  976-98643340